Hello, World! I’m Whit Huntley a student, programmer, and activist.

Key ID: 0xB5B5EEA464CA97AB
Email: [email protected]
Fingerprint: 2CE2 F0FA 3F3E 8078 1544 7A06 B5B5 EEA4 64CA 97AB


I started programming in 2012 at a Java+Scratch summer class for my parents to get me out of the house for a change. While what I wrote there was absolutely abhorrent, I loved the theory and wanted to pursue it further.

In 2013, I began attending SkilStak Coding Arts where I learned the essentials of Python 3, Golang, and nebulous Linux things (bash, vim, ssh, git, and so on). While I still attend SkilStak, it is more of an informal mentoring and advice meetup for help with my own, self-initiated projects.

Through a series of lucky events, I came into possession of a server in late 2017. This more seriously sparked my interest in systems administration and design. Originally it hosted a mish-mash of disorganized services. In early 2019 it was redone to host a single docker swarm to provide those services and more in a unified and scalable way. This evolved into dotfile server stack and now provides all personal services I need including cloud storage, game servers, and nginx websites, and email.


I currently attend Performance Learning Center with dual enrollment at Central Piedmont Community College and am expected to graduate in 2021 with my high school diploma and an assosiate in science. Currently with a GPA of 3.395/4.